Business conditions and terms

Airportparking-Berlin general terms and conditions.

I. Effectiveness.
Terms and conditions below are in force in relation to holding and parking cars, transport clients to the airport and back to the Schönefel/Waltersdorf an Berlin Tegel. The provisions not determined in these terms are not valid.

II. Agreement conclusion:
The client and Airportparking-Berlin are the parties of this agreement. This agreement will be accepted as concluded if the reservation is confirmed. If person, authorized by client, makes a reservation, this person will be treated as co-debtor, and will be responsible for all undertook obligations, which are results of making reservation in Airportparking-Berlin. Irrespective of it, every client is obliged to give to Airportparking-Berlin any information necessary for preparing reservation, and also Airportparking-Berlin is obliged to provide client’s access to general terms and conditions.

III. Services, prices and payments:
Airportparking-Berlin undertakes in case of conclusion of agreement to give agreed benefits. The client is obliged to accept the general terms and conditions and also to pay agreed price. Agreed charge for time of parking owes also when the shuttle to the airport is not used, because this service is free of charge. The counting of time of parking starts when car arrives to parking and ends when leaves. Agreed prices include statutory VAT tax. In exceptional cases, Airportparking-Berlin can commission free transport to the airport to outsourcing companies e.g. cabs or renting cars. The commissioning can be done only by the agency of Airportparking-Berlin and has no effects in extra costs for client. Airportparking-Berlin is not responsible in any case for the companies accepted the commission. The company is open all week days, as on holiday as on weekends, from 0:00 to 24:00. The back shuttle is short after client’s arrival. The client agrees that the back shuttle can be done in the frameworks of group transport in some individual cases that may cause slight delays. Because of arriving flight delays it is possible that clients will have to wait for transfer to the parking, and Airportparking-Berlin do not impact it. In these cases transfer is on every 30 minutes, if not immediately. Airportparking-Berlin can deny giving up the car, if the charge on the bill was not paid.

IV. Termination:
The client has a right to terminate the agreement with the Airportparking-Berlin. In case of client’s termination, Airportparking-Berlin has a right to enforce of claims of appropriate compensation. Airportparking-Berlin will require that client will incur costs of termination in amount of 50% agreed price. Airportparking-Berlin has a right to demand definitely calculated amount of compensation. The client has a right to receive certification that Airportparking-Berlin do not incur any damages or that, arisen damages are lower than requested compensation. Both parties are entitled to terminate the agreement due to important case. The termination does not have to be argued, if the client can not use the reserved services due to disease or death. The important cause among rest of causes is particularly major force e.g. initiating or applying for carrying out the proceedings in cause of insolvency of one of the parties or much reduction of Airportparking-Berlin’s property and also accepting and using the company’s service in the manner threatened to the company’s good opinion or safety. The party, which for the important reason uses this right to termination, is obliged to immediately notifying the other party in written. In these cases, the right to compensational claims is excluded

V. Airportparking-Berlin liability:
In the event of discovered by client defects in Airportparking-Berlin’s services, Airportparking-Berlin uses all reasonable endeavors of elimination these defects. If the defect is not pointed by client, he will not obtain the right to claim the reduction agreed charge or compensation. Airportparking-Berlin excludes any liability for damages cause as a result of acting the third persons or parking place leasee. The aforementioned is bending especially in relation to damages, destroy or stolen of parking vehicles or movable car’s equipment ( e.g. Car radio, car phone, mobile phone or valuable personal things, photographical equipment, navigation etc.) or parts fitted at or on the vehicle. In the event of damages caused by major force, external or internal riots, war affairs and also damages caused by natural disasters and also third person’s interference, Airportparking-Berlin is release from paying the compensation. Airportparking-Berlin does not take any liability for client’s luggage damages, which happens on the company’s premises or during transport to or from airport due to client’s fault or without. Arriving punctually to the airport, connected with the term of client’s arrival is not a subject of the agreement. The claims for compensation, especially due to late arrival to the delay or other terms are excluded. There is no guarantee that Airportparking-Berlin will reach the terminal punctually. The client is liable for damaged willful and non attributable to client acts of third persons authorized by him (e.g. Oil leakage, explosion). The client, in the event of his own claims to third persons or insurance claims acts for the Airportparking-Berlin company, as far as this event concerns Airportparking-Berlin. Airportparking-Berlin is entitled to remove the vehicle from company’s premises at the client’s expenses, who denies to take it back after agreed time of renting parking place ( even if during the period of rent occurs that this car is not roadworthy), unless the time of renting was agreed. Airportparking-Berlin can deny allowance for leasing the car on company’s premises, when there are issues that arrival of this vehicle and its staying can be dangerous for the Airportparking-Berlin’s safety. Airportparking-Berlin can exclude from transport persons seemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The large luggage can be transport only if it was proper submitted and there is allowance for transport from Airportparking-Berlin. If the transport is impossible, although automatic reservation parking place, the agreement with Airportparking-Berlin will be not concluded. The client can not enforce of his claims in case of automatic reservation if transport was not ensured by Airportparking-Berlin. Airportparking-Berlin can make an infant restraint available only if client has given necessary information about it and the number and Airportparking-Berlin was confirmed reservation.

VI. Behaviors at the premises:
On the premises the regulation of Highway Code are in force. The client is obliged to comply with the Airportparking-Berlin’s issues, its representatives and contractors. The client or his contractors should behave in that manner to exclude danger or damages of third persons. The client is obliged to park his car on the place designated to it in manner that makes the nearest vehicles enable to easily entry and departure this place. In case of damages, pollution or rubbishing the company’s premises by client, he will be incurred costs arisen as a result of eliminating the pollution. The client is not allowed to repair (except authorizes car service) wash and clean the car on the company’s premises. In case of soil or ground waters pollution the purification will be performed by licensed cleaning company at the client’s expenses. In these cases the client has no right to remove the damages by himself. Staying at the premises is allowed only due to parking, taking back, loading and unloading car. With the entry allowance the client ensures that the driver has required driving license and the vehicle has statutory vehicle insurance and is admitted to the road traffic in accordance to Highway Code till it will leave the premises. The driving license and the vehicle registration card should be shown at Airportparking-Berlin’s , its coworkers or mandatory request.. In the appropriate cases they may request to show valid vehicle insurance. If these documents can be shown, Airportparking-Berlin is entitled to deny performing the commission. In these cases, the client has no right to compensational claims.

VII. Final provisions:
Any changes or amendments, acceptation of application or these terms and conditions must be made in writing. Unilateral changes or amendments made by clients are ineffective. The place of performance and payment is Schönefeld. The only jurisdiction of the court is Postdam. As far as the partner of agreement does not have any general territorial jurisdiction of the court, Postdam is bending. Airportparking-Berlin is entitled to lodge complaints and other legal proceedings also in territorial jurisdiction of the client’s court. The Germany law is bending. In case, when the particular provision of these terms and conditions could be or become ineffective or inappropriate, this does not breach the effectiveness the rest of provisions. In any matters not governed herein, the statutory regulations apply. Airportparking-Berlin 14532 Stahnsdorf on May 2009.